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Bremeninvest brings Bremen's quality of life and economic appeal to the attention of business and research communities in Germany and abroad.

The Bremeninvest team is committed to helping you with all matters related to your company's development. We provide uncomplicated, expert advice on relocations, property searches and innovation projects and we know how to get things done. We act as an interface between business, research and public authorities and we always find the best solution – for you and your company.

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Our representatives in Shanghai (China), Ho-Chi-Minh-City (Vietnam), Izmir (Turkey) and London (UK) are in charge of making initial contact with potential investors.

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For Diversity, Equal Opportunity and Inclusion

Bremeninvest (a brand of WFB) has a corporate culture that is based on everyone treating each other fairly, working together as partners within the company, and interacting with our customers, clients and partner organisations in a respectful, equitable manner.

We treat everyone in the same way and do not discriminate against anyone on the grounds of their ethnic origin, gender, religion, disability, age or sexuality. For this reason, we are actively engaged in inclusion and giving everyone equal opportunities. We reject every form of discrimination.

Diversity management and inclusion have been core elements of our human resources policies for many years. Our management teams and colleagues receive regular training in these topics. Every employee is jointly responsible for consistently calling out any form of discrimination and bullying. Our "Fair geht vor" ("Fairness first") company-wide policies defining mandatory in-house regulations and preventive measures, signed in 2017, clearly set out our position. Our "Inklusion für gleichgestellte und schwerbehinderte Menschen" (Inclusion for people with severe disabilities or those with an equivalent status) company policy, signed in 2018, set out how we will employ, promote and support people with disabilities. At Bremeninvest, we attach great importance to working with people with disabilities. This is why our inclusivity policy, which came into force in 2007, requires that people with severe disabilities make up at least six percent of our workforce. We have exceeded this quota.

Our diversity management policies also include providing support for our employees, to ensure that they have an equitable work/life balance. This includes having flexible, mobile working time models, providing help with childcare and opportunities for working at home for family reasons (company policy from 2015). We also regularly hold in-house seminars and programs of talks about every aspect of caring for dependants, healthcare management and resilience. Since 2008, Bremeninvest/the WFB has regularly been awarded "berufundfamilie" (employment and family) certification in recognition of our family-conscious policies.

Bremeninvest/The WFB is also a long-standing member of the association responsible for awarding the Bremen Diversity prize. This association is a consortium of Bremen-based companies and institutions, based in Bremen, which promote diversity issues and provide strategic and financial support for this prize.