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Brexit - Relocating your company

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In the light of Brexit, companies around the world are having to ask themselves how they can get access to the European market on the best terms. The best way to access the European market will be from the continent. We can guide, advise and support you through each step of your relocation from the UK to Germany. We offer a central location within Europe, with close links to the sea and other waterways, nearby airports that provide connections to all major European transport hubs and strong local infrastructure that makes it easy to get around.

Podcast: How UK companies can deal with Brexit
Podcast Episode "How UK companies can deal with Brexit"

This episode of the Go Global! Bremen Business Talks Podcast is dedicated to how UK-based companies that are doing business across the channel with the EU and with Germany in particular are dealing with Brexit.


On this page, we offer you information about Brexit and its consequences for companies as well as insights into life, work and business in Bremen. If you have any further questions, the team at Bremeninvest will be happy to help you.

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Success Stories

26 February 2021
"Many people remain completely unclear about the consequences of Brexit."

Peter Decu represents Bremen in London. He knows the British industrial landscape and is convinced that many companies have not yet ever started to feel the full effects of Brexit.

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12 February 2021
The United Kingdom's Exit from the EU and The Effect on Customs

What effect will Brexit have on companies? Everything you need to know about the new regulations and procedures that affect customs duties and taxes when exporting goods to the United Kingdom or importing goods from there.

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5 February 2021
Bremen Advertises Itself in the United Kingdom

In order to attract companies based in the United Kingdom to locate in Bremen and to strengthen mutual trade relations, Bremeninvest, the foreign brand of WFB Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH, has been active in London since January 1, 2021.

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