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14 December 2016 - Corinna Laubach

The Cargo Distribution Centre (GVZ) in Bremen: a logistics hub with a bright future

Maritime economy and logistics

Around 150 businesses employing approximately 8,000 people are located at the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen
Around 150 businesses employing approximately 8,000 people are located at the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen © WFB / Wolfgang Kundel

For 30 years, the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen has delivered excellence – as an investment location and a logistics hub. Opened in the mid-1980s, it was Germany's first 'freight village' and broke new ground in freight transportation. Today more than 150 companies employing approximately 8,000 people are based at the site. It covers an area of around 500 hectares and now offers four different options for transporting freight. The site has optimum transport links to road, rail and water, and is extending its range of services to include air freight, thanks to its proximity to Bremen City Airport. Bremen's Cargo Distribution Centre is also the only terminal for integrated road-rail transport in Germany that operates purely within the private sector.

The terminal for integrated road-rail transport
The terminal for integrated road-rail transport © WFB / Jens Lehmkühler

The Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen has an impressive track record in various rankings. A study of the top 20 cargo distribution centres in Germany conducted by the German Association for Cargo Distribution Centres (DGG) in 2012 ranked Bremen first. This opinion was shared by the Munich-based logistics property specialist Logivest and the Fraunhofer Working Group for Supply Chain Services in Nuremberg, whose joint study LoGe 2015: The most successful logistics hubs in Germany also ranked the Bremen centre first. Bremen's Cargo Distribution Centre is leading the way in Europe, too. It has been in first place since 2020.

Excellent location with good connections

A fundamental strength of the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen is its geographical location. It is situated at the heart of the North Range ports and offers direct links to the ports in Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven. Its location is strategically important for inland transport. The 281 autobahn makes the centre even more accessible. As well as improving the flow of traffic, it links Bremen directly to the JadeWeserPort via the B6 and A28/A29 and from 2021 will also connect the A1 and A27. The direct link to the A27 will save time and money and be advantageous for container traffic to Bremerhaven. Work on the new section of motorway is expected to begin in mid- to late 2016.

Development potential for logistics-related companies

In addition to being home to Europe's largest high-bay warehouse and to global players in logistics, the Cargo Distribution Centre in Bremen attracts transport businesses, service providers and logistics companies, as well as the industrial enterprises and retailers that take advantage of their services. In 2014 the Cargo Distribution Centre offered 1,308,100 square metres of logistics space, exceeding the 1.3 million mark for the first time. In 2015 this increased to 1,376,100 square metres according to our real-estate market report.

High-quality plots of varying sizes are available at the Cargo Distribution Centre for companies looking to relocate or establish operations. There are currently just under 40 hectares of fully serviced, ready-to-build sites available at moderate prices.

Opportunities for collaboration

The Cargo Distribution Centre is not your average industrial estate. Any chances to forge partnerships between resident companies are taken if they result in synergies or cost benefits. This important task is managed by the Cargo Distribution Centre Development Agency (GVZe), which serves as an initiator and facilitator for business collaborations.

The work done by the GVZe – from collaborations in training to negotiations with telecommunications providers – is unparalleled among German cargo distribution centres.

A look to the future

In future, the Bremen Cargo Distribution Centre will work in partnership with the deepwater JadeWeser port in Wilhelmshaven, adding yet another string to its bow. However, the core focus of the Cargo Distribution Centre will continue to be on integrated transport. Its integrated road-rail station, which has six full-length platforms and an annual carrying capacity of 230,000 containers, is ideal for intermodal freight transport. 

More information on the Bremen Cargo Distribution Centre is available from F. W. Nennecke, tel: +49 (0)421 960 0245, F.W.Nennecke@wfb-bremen.de. Your contact for logistics is Jörg Kautzner, tel: +49 (0)421 361-32172, joerg.kautzner@wah.bremen.de.

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