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The ECOMAT research and technology centre

Bremen's contribution to the key technology of lightweight construction

The ECOMAT research and technology centre, currently under construction in Airport-Stadt Bremen, brings together Bremen's existing commercial and research expertise in the field of lightweight materials. ECOMAT, the Centre for Eco-efficient Materials & Technologies, is located in close proximity to Bremen airport and important industry partners. Soon, around 500 specialists in lightweight construction from business and science will be working together here under one roof.

ECOMAT’s eye-catching exterior is minimalist, but instantly recognisable
EcoMaT / lightweight construction
17 September 2020
ECOMAT – a technological milestone

Policies that boost innovation aim to support the ongoing structural change in industrial companies, SMEs and related service providers. Promoting promising technologies is a particularly important part of this. Some technologies feed into each other, ...

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The history of FIBRE dates back more than 100 years
Success stories
16 January 2020
50 years of the Bremen Fibre Institute

Fibre composites have become a permanent fixture in everyday life. The Bremen Fibre Institute (FIBRE) has been working on these materials for five decades, and has gained another strong partner this year in the form of the ECOMAT research centre.

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symbolic key handover
EcoMaT / lightweight construction
9 May 2019
New centre for cutting-edge technology ‘made in Bremen’

The ECOMAT research and technology centre opens. Around 500 experts from science and industry will be working side by side on projects in the centre. EcoMaT is the central economic policy initiative for the state of Bremen and an excellent example of successful industrial and innovation policy.

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Firmen und Institute im EcoMaT
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Airbus Operations GmbH
Airbusallee 1
28199 Bremen
Dr. Hubertus Lohner
P 0421 / 538 5826
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Altran Deutschland S.A.S. & Co. KG
Luft- u. Raumfahrt
Airbus-Allee 3
28199 Bremen
Ralf Winkelmann
P +49 160 90700304
Luft- u. Raumfahrt
Airbus-Allee 1
28199 Bremen
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Luft- u. Raumfahrt
Fahrenheitstr. 1
28359 Bremen
Frau Christine Schlenker
P 0421 / 22 08 275
F 0421 / 22 08 150
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BK Werkstofftechnik – Prüfstelle für Werkstoffe GmbH
Zur Aumundwiese 2
28279 Bremen
Dipl.-Ing. Stephan Müller
P 0421 / 43828 0
F 0421 / 43828 18
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Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Künstliche Intelligenz (DFKI) GmbH
Robert-Hooke-Straße 5
28359 Bremen
Prof. Dr. Frank Kirchner
P 0421 / 178 454 100
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Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e.V.
Luft- u. Raumfahrt
Linder Höhe
51147 Köln
Dr.-Ing. Gerrit von Borries
P +49 (2203) 601-0
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F&E Technologiebroker Bremen GmbH
Wiener Straße 12
28359 Bremen
Dr. Michael Wolf
P 0421 / 2246640
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Faserinstitut Bremen e.V.
Am Biologischen Garten 2
28359 Bremen
Prof. Dr. Axel Herrmann
P 0421 / 218 58700
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Fraunhofer-Institut für Fertigungstechnik und Angewandte Materialforschung IFAM
Wiener Straße 12
28359 Bremen
Martina Ohle
P +49 421 2246-256
F +49 421 2246-300
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InnoWi GmbH
wirtschaftsnahe Dienstleistungen
Fahrenheitstr. 1
28359 Bremen
Herr Dr. Jens Hoheisel
P 0421/9600-70
F 0421/9600-750
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ISEMP - Airbus-Stiftungsprofessur für Integrative Simulation und Engineering von Materialien und Prozessen
Am Fallturm 1
28359 Bremen
Prof. Dr.-Ing Vasily Ploshikhin
P 0421 / 218 623
F 0421 / 218 62770
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