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28 June 2018 - Diana Bluhm

Business parks in Bremen – space for individual requirements

Investing in Bremen

Every location offers excellent benefits

GVZ Cargo Distribution Center from above
Best connections to road, rail and water networks © WFB/Christian Ring

Bremen has the right location to suit any company, from the logistics sector at the Cargo Distribution Center (GVZ) and research institutes at the Technology Park, to international companies at Bremen Airport-Stadt and the automotive sector on the Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate. Or perhaps you are looking for more of a mix of sectors to stimulate creativity? We can show you the right business park to suit your needs.

All 26 business parks supervised by Bremeninvest
Each of Bremen's industrial estates has individual advantages and focuses. © WFB / Peter Fischer

Bremen’s Cargo Distribution Center (GVZ) – hub of the logistics sector

A significant strength of the Cargo Distribution Center in Bremen, the largest in Germany and second-largest in Europe, is its geographical location. It is situated at the heart of the North Range ports and offers direct links to Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven via road, rail and water. The Cargo Distribution Center is the only terminal for integrated road-rail transport in Germany that operates purely within the private sector. The 500 hectare site, which is situated near Bremen Airport, is home to more than 150 businesses with around 8,000 employees. The primary objective of the Cargo Distribution Center’s development company is to ensure that companies can collaborate with one another and generate cost savings. A logistics hub with excellent prospects for the future.

The Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate – a prime location for the automotive industry

The proximity to the Mercedes-Benz plant in Bremen makes this an attractive location for local suppliers. The plant can be easily reached from the business park through the Hemeling tunnel, making just-in-time and just-in-sequence production simple. Thanks to a dedicated junction on the A1 autobahn and its proximity to the Bremer Kreuz intersection, the site also attracts skilled trades and companies from the service and retail sectors. As Jutta Zernikow, project manager at Bremeninvest for the east Bremen region, says: “We have a good mix of industries at the Bremen Hansalinie Industrial Estate and this will help to ensure the long-term success of the site.” Demand is high and the site is continually being expanded – the second of six construction stages has been completed, with a third already at the planning stage. This rapidly evolving site is gearing up for the future.

Überseestadt – new life in Bremen’s old harbour

The Überseestadt district is one of the largest urban development projects in Europe. A new district is under construction across almost 300 hectares on the edge of Bremen’s city centre. Here, huge storehouses, harbour basins and maritime industry mix with modern architecture, apartments, offices, retail units and restaurants and cafés. Überseestadt is now home to 850 companies employing around 14,500 people. And the district is still growing. Our sketchnotes video explains how Überseestadt is changing and looks ahead to the future of this exciting project.

Airport-Stadt Bremen – home of the aerospace industry

Bremen Airport Hans Koschnick (BRE) is at the heart of the site and the business park is named after it. There are more than 200 flights from Bremen to European hubs every week. The site is also very central, with Bremen city centre only a ten minute tram ride away. Spread over an area of 130 hectares, this future-focused business district maintains close links with the airport on its doorstep. Of a total of 16,000 employees, 6,000 work in the aerospace industry, including for the Airbus Group. The companies based here also benefit from the proximity to research activities. Networks that combine research and practice have grown up around the university of applied sciences, the start-up centre in Bremen’s World Trade Centre and a variety of institutions. The Center for Eco-efficient Materials & Technologies, or EcoMaT for short, is currently under construction at Airport-Stadt Bremen and will make an important contribution to the key technology of lightweight construction. The research and development facility, which will cost around €60 million and cover a total area of 22,000 square metres, will house new offices, laboratories and a technology centre. What are the other advantages of this business park?

Bremen Technology Park – the first port of call for research and the high-tech industry in north Germany

Bremen Technology Park is a leading high-tech hub. It is home to companies such as satellite manufacturer OHB, 3D printing pioneer BEGO and engineering firm OAS, as well as top research organisations including the Max Planck Institute and the Fraunhofer Institute. More than 550 companies are based on the 172 hectare site, offering a good mix of industries in close proximity to the University of Bremen. At Bremen Technology Park, business and science come together to develop practical ideas and pioneering concepts. It is one of Germany’s most successful technology parks, boasting several research institutes and high-tech companies, parks, hotels, restaurants and cafés and the Universum Bremen science centre – not to mention the 19,500 students on campus. What is the secret of its 30 years of success?

Bremen Industrial Park has plenty of room for companies of all sizes

Around 140 hectares of land are available for the manufacturing industries and for services. Companies benefit from fast access to Bremerhaven, Hamburg and Hannover via the A281, A27 and A1 autobahns. Transshipment facilities are available in the neighbouring industrial docks. These are just some of Bremen Industrial Park’s advantages that have attracted 30 companies, employing around 1,300 people, from the plastics and metalworking sectors, recycling, laboratory services and logistics. In early 2018, Loftex GmbH opened a new manufacturing facility and warehouses here. Bremeninvest is currently managing the fifth construction phase, scheduled for completion in 2020, and has already taken reservations from several companies. Businesses that have already relocated here are investing in their growth and their future.

The Kämmerei-Quartier – modern working in a historical setting

A mix of late 19th-century architecture and new premises provides a unique setting for this business park in Bremen. Built on the site of the Kämmerei-Quartier, a former wool-combing plant, it brings together the past and the present in an intriguing mix. Equally diverse is the range of industries based here, which includes manufacturing, services, logistics and skilled trades. The site is well connected to local public transport and to the national road network via the A27 and A270 autobahns. There is great potential for many sectors here, including the creative industries. The Kämmerei-Quartier site currently has vacant plots and individual spaces on offer.

Oberneuland Residential and Office Park – verdant surroundings as standard

Oberneuland Residential and Office Park offers efficient workspaces and high-quality living in verdant surroundings. This is not a business park in the conventional sense; instead it allows SMEs in the high-quality service sector to work in an environment that is more like a park. A total of 200 residential units are scheduled for completion by 2019 on this site near the city, and there are still some vacant plots available for businesses.

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